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Our experience includes a wide range of civil aviation and military fixed wing and rotary wing flight simulation training devices (FSTDs) including Full Flight Simulators (FFS), Flight Training Devices (FTD), Weapon System Trainers (WST), Operational Flight Trainers (OFT), Aircrew Procedure Trainers (APT), Avionic Part Task Trainers (APTT), Part Task Trainers (PTT), and Maintenance Training Equipment (MTE).


Scroll down to view our specific device experience separated into four categories.

Fixed Wing Training Devices

- F-4C/E    - B-52D/F/G/H    - KC-135     - AC-130U    - B1-B MTE   

- B2           - T-37                   - JA-37        - T-2C            - F-16        

- T-1A (Beechjet 400A)

Rotary Wing (Helicopter) Training Devices


- CH-53E APT/WST    - MH-53J Pave Low WST    - MH-53J Pave Low PTT

- TH-53A OFT             - UH-60 Blackhawk            - SH-60 Seahawk (R&D)

- MH-60G Pave Hawk WST

Additional Fixed Wing Training Devices


- MD-11    - MD-80    - B-727    - B-737-300    - B-757    - B-767    - A-320

- Gulfstream IV          - CL415   - King Air B200               - Jetstar/Jetstar II

Armor (Ground) Vehicle Training Devices
Unit/Mobile Conduct of Fire Trainer (U-COFT/M-COFT):
- M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank           - M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank
- M2/M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle      - M60 Main Battle Tank
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